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What does outstaffing cover?

At Rentadev, we provide outstaffing services to businesses of all sizes and industries. Our mission is to connect businesses with the top-tier talent they need to succeed, without the hassle and commitment of traditional hiring.
Staff Augmentation
Whether you need additional staff for a short-term project or to fill a skills gap on your team, we provide highly qualified professionals to work as an extension of your team.
Dedicated Teams
We can help you build and manage dedicated teams of professionals that work solely for your company, under your management and direction.
Project Outsourcing
Outsource entire projects to us and let us handle the entire development process, from ideation to launch.
IT Consulting
We offer consulting services to help you make informed decisions on technology strategy, architecture, and more.


What clients say about working with us

We were skeptical at first about outstaffing, but Rentadev made the process seamless and easy. Their dedicated teams have become a valuable extension of our own, and we couldn't be happier with the results.
Jane Doe
HR Specialist at Bright Ideas Inc.
I can't say enough good things about the marketing team at Rentadev. They took the time to really understand our business and target audience, and then created a comprehensive marketing strategy that exceeded our expectations. From website design to social media management, they were able to help us increase our brand visibility and drive more leads to our sales team. I highly recommend them for all of your marketing needs.
Marc Allen
Head of Marketing at Blue Horizon Group
I had the pleasure of working with the design team for a recent project, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Their creativity, attention to detail, and ability to capture the essence of our brand was truly impressive. The team was also incredibly responsive and communicative throughout the entire process, making it easy for us to collaborate and make revisions as needed. The final product exceeded our expectations and has received rave reviews from our customers
Jane Doe
HR Specialist at Bright Ideas Inc.

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How We Help You Build a Winning Team


During this initial phase, we work closely with you to understand your business objectives, staffing requirements, and project scope.


Talent Sourcing
Next, we tap into our extensive network of global talent to identify the best candidates for the job.


Candidate Screening
Once we have identified potential candidates, we conduct a thorough screening process to ensure they meet your specific requirements. This includes a detailed resume review, technical assessments, and interviews.


Candidate Selection
Based on the screening results, we present a shortlist of the most suitable candidates for your review.


Onboarding and Integration
After you have selected your ideal candidate, we handle all of the onboarding logistics, including employment paperwork, payroll setup, and equipment provisioning.


Performance Management
Throughout the engagement, we provide ongoing performance management to ensure that your outstaffed team member is meeting your expectations and delivering high-quality work.


Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

What is outstaffing?
Outstaffing is a business model where a company hires employees through a third-party service provider, rather than directly hiring them as permanent staff. The third-party service provider handles administrative tasks, such as payroll and HR, while the client company manages the employees and their work.
What is the difference between outstaffing and outsourcing?
Outsourcing is when a company hires another company to handle a specific task or project, such as software development or customer service. Outstaffing, on the other hand, is when a company hires employees through a third-party service provider and manages them directly.
How does your outstaffing service work?
Our outstaffing service works by providing clients with access to a pool of skilled employees who work remotely. We handle administrative tasks such as payroll and HR, while clients manage their employees and their work. Clients can choose to hire employees on a full-time or part-time basis, and have the flexibility to scale their workforce up or down as needed.
What types of employees do you provide?
We provide a range of employees in various fields, such as software development, design, marketing, and customer service. We carefully screen and select candidates based on their skills and experience, and work with clients to find the best fit for their specific needs.
How do you ensure the quality of your employees' work?
We have a rigorous screening process that includes technical assessments and interviews to ensure that our employees have the necessary skills and experience. We also provide ongoing training and support to ensure that our employees stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies.

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